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If your passport is lost or stolen, contact the police and your embassy immediately. If you have an emergency, you're best off asking a Turk to call an emergency number for you because it's unlikely you'll find an English-speaking person at the other end of the telephone, even at the Tourism Police. Bystanders will almost invariably try their utmost to be of assistance and will usually know of nearby hospitals or doctors. The Turkish words for ambulance, doctor, and police—ambulans, doktor, and polis, respectively—all sound about the same as their English equivalents, as does telefon for telephone. Say whichever is appropriate, and you can feel fairly certain that you'll be understood.


Canadian Consulate (Istanbul). Tekfen Tower, 4. Levent, Büyükdere Cad. 209, 16th fl., Istanbul, Istanbul, 34394. 212/385–9700;

U.S. Consulate (Istanbul). İstinye Mahallesi, Üçşehitler Sok., No. 2, Istanbul, Istanbul, 34460. 212/335–9000;

U.S. Embassy (Ankara). 110 Atatürk Bul., Kavaklidere, Ankara, Ankara, 06100. 312/455–5555;

General Emergency Contacts

Ambulance. 112.

Fire. 110.

Police (emergency number). 155.

Tourism Police (Istanbul). 212/527–4503.


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