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Lodging: The Basics

Edinburgh and Glasgow have hotels that run the gamut from luxurious grandes dames to basic chain establishments, as well as inns and bed-and-breakfasts. Prices fluctuate greatly depending on the time of year, as well as when concerts, sporting events, and festivals come to town. It's a good idea to book online and well in advance to get the best rates and secure your room. Off-season deals can also be promising.

In the smaller cities and towns you have more options than in rural areas, where hotels are harder to find. In all these places, you may want to stay in a small bed-and-breakfast in a family's home. B&Bs are popular with British travelers and can be a great way to meet locals. Prices can be half of what an inn or hotel might charge, and some B&Bs give discounts for extended stays.

Other options include old country inns with a traditional Scottish pub underneath bedrooms. There are modern inns, too, and although they don't have the same character, amenities can be better. Some older inns can be old-fashioned, but they're usually less pricey. House and apartment rentals can be an excellent option, too. For details, see Accommodations in Travel Smart Scotland.


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