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Visitor Information

The America-based Indian tourism offices can send brochures and help with plans, but it's better to call or visit the website for information—trying to get a response by email usually doesn't work.


Ministry of Tourism. 11/2371–0518; 212/586–4901;

For travelers spending more than a few days in Delhi, Mumbai, or another vast, rapidly changing Indian city, the Eicher series of maps is useful. National English-language newspapers include Indian Express ( and Hindustan Times ( The Indian answer to 411, JustDial (22/6999–9999) helps callers find out about local businesses and answers lots of other questions. Listings can be text messaged to a cell phone. (The prefix in the phone number dials Mumbai, but substituting other local area codes will work equally well.) They also run a search engine ( of their listings, which is useful for locals and visitors in urban areas alike. Google works pretty well, too. Rediff ( dissects current events and pop culture across India.


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