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How much do your services cost?
In the majority of cases, my service doesn’t cost you anything extra. I get paid a commission from hotels, resorts, cruise lines and rental cars when I book your travel.

Will my vacation cost more to use Karlene’s Caribbean Travel?
Not at all! The prices I quote you will never be inflated because of my commission. In fact, you will often save money. The only time Karlene’s Caribbean Travel will charge you a fee is for booking airline tickets only.  Airlines have cut corners and do not pay commissions to travel agents.  My fees for booking airline tickets are very low and start at $15 ($30 booking minimum) for a domestic ticket. If you need a complicated international itinerary the fees will be slightly higher. If you book the airline tickets in a package with a hotel, rental car or cruise, there is not an additional charge for the flight booking.

Do I Need To Pay for My Trip Up Front?
In most cases, no. You will often place a deposit on a trip using your credit card. Your card is processed through the hotel or resort directly. Airfare is often required to be paid in full at the time of booking.

How Does Booking Through You Work?
The first step is to fill out a quote request. Once we receive your basic information, you will receive a confirmation email. We will then contact you to collect more information, if necessary, after which we will present you with your options based on your preferences. Once you’re ready to book your vacation, we will collect any necessary credit card payments and process them through the supplier. A credit card authorization will be sent to you for your signature and to return to us. Once your vacation has been paid in full, you will receive your travel documents.

Do I need travel insurance?
Your vacation can take a year to save for, but only a second to ruin. While you can't do anything to prevent an unexpected storm from closing the airport, you can help cover your investment by buying travel insurance. Travel insurance can provide you with the best coverage for medical expenses, trip cancellation/interruption, baggage damage, medical evacuation, and much more. Plus, with every Travel Guard insurance plan you will also receive 24-hour travel assistance*.

While some travel agents sometimes charge a fee for booking, most travel agents make little or no money directly from their customers. Instead, they rely on commissions paid to them by the hotels, cruise lines and rental car companies. It does not cost the consumer more to use a travel agent. In fact, it often costs less because travel agents often receive special pricing unavailable to consumers.